Cool Web 2.0 Tools

Tool: ViewPure

The dilema: You want to use a YouTube video in your class, but you do not want to show all of the advertisements or related videos that also appear on the screen because they are a real distraction to the students.
The solution: Use ViewPure. Go to the ViewPure website and put in the URL to the video you want to use and ViewPure will display only the chosen video on the webpage.

Tool: StudyStack

A fun way to create flashcards and games to help you study. You can chose from topics that have already been created or you can create your own. This would be a great way to learn vocabulary words, spanish words, etc. Plus, once you have your flashcards set-up, just one click enables you to turn your flash cards into a game of hangman, a crossword puzzle, a matching game and more. The StudyStack that I created is the Opening Lines of Famous Books. I've given you the opening line. See if you can guess what book it comes from. When you are ready for the answer, click on the Flip button.

Tool: Timetoast

An easy to use Timeline creation tool. Create a timeline for an event in history or show the timeline for a novel. I've created a simple timeline for LCCS's Spring Semester.

Direct link:

Tool: VoiceThread

A cross between Powerpoint and a Blog. The format is similar to a Powerpoint and includes an audio component. The online component allows viewers to post comments in several different ways. There is also a doodle feature that can be used while making comments.

Tool: Wordle

Create art with words. It's as simple as that!